Wednesday, 21 July 2010

New war in Sa’ada?

By Nasser Arrabyee 21/07/2010
Al Houthi rebels denied they are imposing a blockade on tribesmen loyal to the government in Harf Sufyan area, accusing the army of launching a war against them.

“The army has been pounding the citizens in villages of Al Amashia from two military positions, Al Zala and Al Labda and of our people were martyred,” said Abu Hashem, the media man in the office of the top leader of the rebels, Abdul Malik Al Houthi on Wednesday.

In an interview over phone, Abu Hashem said they welcome any mediation to stop the war.
He said that lords of war were behind what’s happening now in Harf Sufyan.

“All the areas of Sa’ada are quiet and stable except Harf Sufyan because military commanders who are lords of war including Sheikh Sagheer bin Azeez who is also a military commander.” He said.

About 66 MPs supported Wednesday a sit-in organized in the parliament by seven MPs from Sa’ada who accused Al Houthi rebels of imposing a blockade on the villages of the MP sheikh bin Azeez in Al Amashia.

Dozens were killed and injured from both sides in the confrontations which started earlier this week after three Al Houthi rebels were killed and five injured in an ambush in Al Amashia area.
The Sa’ada MP Ali Hussein Jailan said Wednesday inside the Parliament that the war did not stop.

“The war stopped only in the media when cease-fire was announced in February, the people of Sa’ada did not see peace since then, none of the six conditions was implemented ,” Jailan said.
“Al Houthis control the entire Sa’ada and play the role of the State, and they collect tax and Zakat.”

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