Friday, 23 July 2010

Saudi was behind the Shabwa terrorist attack

Saudi was behind the Shabwa terrorist attack
By Nasser Arrabyee, 23/07/2010
The car used in the Thursday terrorist attack which killed 6 soldiers in Ataq, the capital of the Yemeni eastern province of Shabwa, belonged to a Saudi citizen, said the ministry of interior Friday.
The ministry identified the Saudi owner of the car as Ahmed Saleh Hudaig Al Hamami.
The car, whose plate number is 659, white, pick up Hilux, entered Yemen from Saudi Arabia on July 5th through Al Wadeah outpost, the ministry said in statement in its website ( .
The Saudi man was put in the blacklist, and his name and the descriptions of the car were distributed to Yemeni ports and check points to be arrested .

Early Thursday a group of gunmen, believed to be Al Qaeda members, attacked a police vehicle inside the city of Ataq killing six soldiers (one died later) before escaped with the guns of the soldiers.
Meanwhile, the ministry of interior said it would upgrade the security measure to prevent any possible attacks. The step came hours after Al Qaeda in Yemen claimed responsibility for the twin attacks on the security office in Abyan on July 14th, in which four people were killed.

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