Friday, 16 July 2010

Two Al Qaeda suspects arrested

By Nasser Arrabyee ,17/07/2010
Two more Al Qaeda suspects were arrested after their cell was dismantled earlier this month in Mukalla city east of Yemen, the defense ministry said on its website ( Saturday.

Two other Al Qaeda suspects were arrested on July 5th, 2010, when the cell clashed with the security forces in the area of Fuh, west of Mukalla city, where two militants and two soldiers were killed.

A total of 8 men belonging to the same cell, known as Fuh cell, were arrested later.
The ministry said it is still searching for more militants from this cell which included the Saudi national Abdullah Faraj Mohammed Lajubar, also known as Abu Ibrahim, who is in the wanted list of both Saudi and Yemeni authorities.

The 12 men already arrested are aged between 20-35, the ministry said. A 27-year old Yemeni ,who was born in Kuwait, and who works as engineer of motor-cycles, was among those who were arrested. A university student and 20-yearl old sailor were also among the arrested 12 men.

Earlier, the authorities said the Fuh cell was planning to carry out terrorist acts against security and military and development targets in Hudhrmout province. An explosive belt was found in the house where the group was hiding. The ministry of interior said the belt was supposed to be used in a suicide attack in the following day.

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