Thursday, 22 July 2010

Five police men killed one injured in terrorist attack in Shabwa

By Nasser Arrabyee 22/07/2010

Five soldiers were killed and the sixth was injured when gunmen attacked police vehicle while patrolling in the city of Ataq, Shabwa province east of Yemen, official and local sources said.
The attackers took the police car after they killed the police men who were almost asleep, but they left it in the area of Al Jabia at the outskirt of Ataq.

A dead body of the five who were killed was found on the car this morning in Al Jabia area . The attackers left the car because it had a break down, local sources, closes to the killed soldiers said .
The local source said elements from the separatist movement were likely behind the attack.
“From my experience here, I think Al Herak (the separatist movement) was behind the attack, I know all the six soldiers who were on the patrolling car,” said the source who asked not to be named.

“They soldiers told me many times that Al Herak and Al Qaeda were a big threat to them in this lawless province, but think Al Herak was behind this attack.”

The source said two unknown cars were moving in the city before the attack on the patrol.
The government official said Al Qaeda terrorists were behind the attack. “Five soldiers were martyred and one more injured in a terrorist attack in Ataq early morning.” the defense ministry website said.

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