Sunday, 11 July 2010

Four Al Qaeda militants sentenced to death, 12 jailed

By Nasser Arrabyee/11/07/2010
A Yemeni appeal court on Sunday sentenced four men to death and 12 others to jail terms ranging between 8-12 years for carrying out terrorist acts in Yemen during 2008.

The 16-member group, which is known as the Tareem cell, includes four Syrians and one Saudi .
The sentence of the four Syrians was reduced from 15 years to 10 years.
On July, 2009, the Primary State Security Court sentenced six men to death and 10 others to jail terms ranging between 8-15 years.

The trial of the group started on March 2009 for charges of forming an armed gang to carry out terrorist acts in Hudhrmout, Aden and Sana’a provinces. The group was accused of implementing many terrorist acts during 2008 in these three provinces including the failed attack on the US embassy, when the mortars missed into a nieghbouring girls’ school .

The group was accused of killing two Belgian tourists and Yemeni guide in Dawan valley, Hadhrmout in January 2008. The group was also accused of implementing the suicide attack on a security camp in Sayoun city where a soldier was killed and 17 others were injured in July 2008.

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