Monday, 25 January 2010

20 Al Houthi rebels killed

10 Houthi supporters sentenced to jail

Ashwaq Arrabyee 25/01/2010

About 20 Al Houthi rebels were killed and some others were injured in Harf Sufyan, military sources said Monday.

The military sources said in a statement that the government troops killed an Al Houthi leader known as Abu Ali and 19 Houthi rebels in severe clashes in Al Taba Al Hamra in Harf Sufyan.

The troops thwarted some attempts by the rebel to infiltrate to some military sites in Al Malaheidh, the statement said.

Meanwhile, Sana'a Panel Court sentenced 10 Al Houthi supporters to 5-15 years in prison on Monday.

The court chaired by judge Muhsen Alwan, convicted the group of fighting with Al Houthis against the government troops in Sa'ada and Bani Hushaish areas at the northern outskirts of the capital Sana'a.

The group were also accused of providing an armed gang with weapons and explosives and carrying out a number of sabotage acts.

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