Thursday, 21 January 2010

Al Qaeda militants targeted in Yemeni airstrikes

By Ashwaq Arrabyee, 21/01/2010

Yemen official source has said Yemen is not a safe haven for terrorists.

In statement released Thursday, the official sources said combating terrorism is one of the main issue to defend the Yemeni interests in the first place. The sources also praised the cooperation of citizen in Abyan, Shabwa, Mareb, and Sana'a provinces with the security forces in providing information about Al Qaeda militants.

This comes after Yemeni warplanes bombed a hideout for Al Qaeda militants in Al Shabwani area in Mareb Provinces, east Yemen, security sources said Wednesday.

The raid targeted some Al Qaeda militants led by Al Qaeda leader Ayadh Al Shabwani who was reportedly killed in the last air strikes which targeted two cars at Al Agasher area between Sa'ada and Al Jawf provinces.

The security sources said those Al Qaeda militants had committed a number of terrorist acts including targeting foreign tourists, blowing up pipelines at Serwah area, attacking the towers of the gas-powered electricity station in Marib.

Al Qaeda militants were hiding and receiving training in the farm of Ayadh Al Shabwani, in Al Shabwani area, the sources said.

The sources did not mentioned information about the number of killed or arrested Al Qaeda militants.

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