Sunday, 31 January 2010

Al Houthi is evading to gain time

By Nasser Arrabyee/31/01/2010

The rebels' announcement to accept the government's conditions to end the war in Sa'ada is not more than a new shiftiness to rescue themselves from an imminent defeat, said an official Sunday.

Earlier on Saturday, the rebels said in an internet statement they would accept all conditions of the government but only if the military operations stopped.

"The successive defeats and breakdowns inflicted on the rebels made them resort to such evasions only to gain time and try to regroup their scattered elements as they did previous rounds," said Mohammed Al Emad, deputy governor of Sa'ada, in a statement published by the state0run media.

Al Houthi rebels earlier said,"Since we are so keen on ending this bloodshed and in order to avoid the catastrophic situation that the country is heading toward and in order to end the acts of genocide against civilians, we renew for the fourth time what we previously announced, our acceptance of the five points that the Yemeni government asked for, after they end the aggression."

Meanwhile, battles between Al Houthi rebels and the Yemeni government troops are continuing, after the Saudi army had driven out the rebels who occupied Saudi territories at Yemeni Saudi borders last November.

About 20 rebels including the filed leader Kayed Abu Malik were killed in Al Safiyah area in Sa'ada, military and local sources said Sunday.

The rebels on their part, attacked a refugee camp near by the hospital of Al Salam in Sa'ada, killing two children and injuring three other people, eyewitnesses said.

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