Friday, 15 January 2010

15 Al Houthi rebels killed in Al Jawf

Houthi weapon store and hideouts destroyed

Ashwaq Arrabyee 15/1/2010

About 15 Al Houthi rebels were killed in clashes with some tribes loyal to the government in AL Jawf Province, tribal sources said Friday.

The sources said the clashes are still continuing between AlHouthi rebels who escaped from Sa'ada and Al Shulan and Al Saqra tribes in Al Jawf.

The source added the warplanes launched air raids on the hideouts of Al Houthi rebels in some districts in Al Jawf province.

A weapon store, cars laden with weapons and ammunitions and some Houthi rebels' hideout were destroyed in Harf Sufyan and Al-Malaheidh, military sources said.

The government troops destroyed Houthi rebels' weapon store and two cars laden with weapons in Al Kheyam village in Harf Sufyan, the military statement said.

The statement said a number of rebels were killed and some others were injured in clashes with the troops while trying to infiltrate to 26 September hill, AlZaela area and Ghaban farms in Harf Sufyan.

In Al Malaheidh, the troops controlled the main hill leading to Al Dukhan Mountain, and destroyed a number of the rebels' hideouts, the statement said.

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