Saturday, 16 January 2010

Three Al Qaeda militants captured

Ashwaq Arrabyee 16/01/2010

Yemen security forces arrested three Al Qaeda militants in Mafraq Alb area, far north of Sa’ada, security sources said Saturday.

The three captured Al Qaeda militants were wearing military uniforms for disguising and carrying weapons and bombs.

The security sources identified the arrested Al Qaeda militants as Ahmed Mohammed Al Razehi, Yaser Dhaif Allah AlRazehi, Ahmed Mohammed Al Haimi.

The arrest comes after six Al Qaeda leaders were killed in an air strike at Al Agasher area between Sa'ada and Al Jawf provinces on Friday.

The ministry of interior confirmed in a statement the death of Kasem Al Raimi, (known also as Abu Hurairah) the military commander of Al Qaeda, Amar Obad Al Wayly, Saleh Al Tais, Aidh Jaber Al Shabwani, Abdullah Hadi Al Tais, and Abu Ayman Al Mesri (Egyptian), the ideologist of Al Qaeda in the air strike.

Two more Al Qaeda militants escaped after their two cars were completely destroyed, and security forces are hunting them down.

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