Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tribes, CSOs refuse foreign intervention in Yemen

Ashwaq Arrabyee 26/01/2010

About 1,000 tribal sheikhs from various Yemeni tribes declared their rejection for any foreign intervention in Yemen.

"We refuse any foreign intervention in Yemen internal affairs; the sovereignty and independence of the country must be respected," the tribal sheikhs said in a statement at the end of their meeting on the current challenges in Yemen on Tuesday.

They denounced the sabotage and terrorist acts used as a pretext for foreign intervention in the internal affair of Yemen under the name of "Combating terrorism", calling on all tribes and political powers to put aside their differences for facing all attempts to split the country and destabilize security.

In the meeting held before London Conference, they condemned media attempts to make a link between tribes and terrorism, stressing that the tribes support the security, stability and social peace.

On their part, the civil society organizations confirmed in a statement their refusal for foreign military intervention as a method to combat terrorism in Yemen.

"Such military intervention will worsen the unstable conditions and turn country into a field for regional and international conflicts," the Civil Society organization said in a concluding statement for the Civil Society Parallel Forum to the London Conference held on Sunday.

The statement called on holding a national dialogue to tackle the economic, political, social and security crises in Yemen.

"'Yemen has serious problems; the state's institutions are weak, justice is absent, poverty is highly spread, and it has a serious challenge of unemployment among its young people," the statement said. 'All this constitutes a breeding ground for terrorism."

The statement called on the donor countries to support development process in Yemen, democracy, freedom and to protect human rights.

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