Sunday, 10 January 2010

7 Al Qaeda suspects arrested, top leaders still alive

By Nasser Arrabyee/10/01/2010

A total of 7 Al Qaeda suspects including three brothers were arrested in Sawan neighborhood, north east of the capital Sana'a, relatives said Sunday.

Nabil Al Huri, said that security stormed his house in Sawan at night on Tuesday and arrested his three brothers, Esam, Majed, and Kamal Al Huri.

Nabil, said in a press statement, that his brothers were arrested and released many times after a brother of his was killed in Iraq three years ago.

"If my brothers are proved to be members of Al Qaeda they should then be put on trial , but the security should stop terrifying the family and relatives," Nabil said.

"This way will help Al Qaeda to recruit more and more of the angry young people."

Meanwhile, the governor of Shabwa, Ali Hassan Al Ahmadi, said Sunday that the leaders of Al Qaeda Anwar Al Awlaki, Fahd Al Kusa, and Nasser Al Wahayshi are still alive in a hideout in Shabwah.

He said they are in the mountainous area of Al Kur along with 10s of Egyptian and Saudi Jihadists.

The official added in a press statement, that Al Qaeda elements keep moving from place to place between Shabwa and Abyan and Mareb.

On December 24th, the Yemeni authorities said Al Wahayshi, Al Awlaki, and Al Shihri, were killed after the Yemeni warplanes launched air raids on a hideout in Rafad area in Shabwa where the leaders were holding a meeting to discus a plan to retaliate the December 17th air raid on their training in Al Majalah in Abyan.

Al Ahmadi said that the local people in Shabwa reject Al Qaeda but he also said that the unemployed young people might join Al Qaeda if it is not permanently eradicated from those areas.

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