Saturday, 9 January 2010

More than 20 rebels killed

By Nasser Arrabyee/10/01/2010

More than 20 Al Houthi rebels were killed during fierce battles in different places in Sa'ada, a military statement said Sunday.

At least rebels were killed when the warplanes destroyed the hideout of the rebel field leader Ali Ahmed Ghanim at Kalat Asem in Haidan where two supply cars were also destroyed, the statement said.

The statement mentioned the full names of 10 rebels of those who were killed.

And 10 rebels at least were killed when the army repelled an attack by Al Houthi fighters on the mountain of Al Khazan west of Sa'ada at the border with Saudi Arabia, the statement said.

Three Somalis, who were fighting with the rebels, were arrested in Al Khazan area, the statement said.

The rebel field leader, Ahmed Saleh Ahmed Al Zubairi, was arrested in the city of Sa'ada, according to the statement.

On their part, Al Houthi rebels said they bombarded with artillery the guesthouse in the Saudi city of Jaizan.

They also said in statement sent through emails that the Saudi forces implemented more than 13 air raids and fired more 630 missiles on them in the western areas of Sa'ada, on Saturday.

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