Sunday, 24 January 2010

9000 families displaced in Sa’ada

Ashwaq Arrabyee 24/01/2010

About 8,900 families displaced by the conflicts between the Yemeni troops and Al Houthi rebels in Sa’ada Province until mid January, official source said Saturday.

The director general of Social Care Fund in Sa’ada, Ahmed Al Owairy, said the number of the displaced families are increasing due to the ongoing conflicts.

“The process of counting the displaced people is continuing to unify the registers of the displaced and consequently facilitating the distribution of assistants provided by the humanitarian local and international organizations,” said Al Owairy.

On the other hand, the government troops cleaned up a number of areas in AlMalaheidh, military sources said Sunday.

The military sources said in a statement that the troops destroyed some hideouts nearby Wadi Ghafra and Sud Al Ashari, in Al Malaheidh.

The troops destroyed a truck laden with weapons and ammunition for the rebels in Al Mahather sub-road, and cleaned up some farms in Al Okab area, near the city of Sa'ada.

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