Thursday, 7 January 2010

The German and British hostages still alive

By Nasser Arrabyee/07/01/2010

The 5-five member German family and their British friend who were kidnapped more than five months ago in Yemen are still alive, said the Yemeni deputy prime minister for security and defense, Dr Rashad Al Alimi Thursday.

Al Alimi said that the hostages, the German couple who doctors, and the British engineer, are being used to treat the injured rebels of Al Houthi in Sa'ada north of the country.

In press conference held Thursday in Sana'a attended by a big number of international Arab and Yemeni journalist, Al Alimi said his country is stable and Yemeni armed forces will any attempt for destabilizing Yemen.

"Yemen will never allow any direct foreign military or security involvement," he said.

The official confirmed that all previous and current security operations including the recent preemptive attacks against Al Qaeda were carried out by the Yemeni forces alone.

"The Yemeni forces only are who will eradicate Al Qaeda permanently in Yemen," he said.

He said the alleged leader of Al Qaeda in Arhab area, 40-50 km north east of the capital, Mohammed
Al Hanek, a former jihadist in Afghanistan, is still being besieged in his tribe, and siege will contine until he is arrested. Last Monday, Al Hanek escaped an ambush made by security forces in Arhab where two of his comrades were killed and three injured when the security forces raided the group who was behind the terror threat against the US embassy.

Now he is besieged in his house in Arhab where tribal leaders try to convince him to surrender himself to the security forces.

"The security forces will continue surrounding Mohammed Al Hanek until he is arrested," Al Alimi said.

For Omar Abdul Muttalab, the Nigerian terrorist who tried bomb US-bound airliner on the day of Christmas, Al Alims said that the explosives, which Abdulmutalab had, were brought from Nigeria.

The British authorities prevented Omar from continuing his master in Britain and he continued in Dubai.

Omar was recruited by Al Qaeda in London.
"Omar went to Shabwa and met with the Al Qaeda leaders in the same place which were bombed in December 24," said Al Alimi.

About the London conference to be held on 28 of this month, Al Alimi said it is to support Yemen economically and strengthen the security and military institutions for combating terrorism.

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