Thursday, 4 February 2010

Al Houthi rebels kill 1500 civilians

By Nasser Arrabyee/05/02/2010

A total of 1500 civilians were killed by Al Houthi rebels over the last period of the war, said the governor of Sa'ada Hassan Mana'a on Friday.

Mana'a said that Al Houthi announcement of accepting the conditions for ending the war was only lies and deceptions. He said the government would not allow the rebels to deceive it this time.

"Al Houthi announcement of accepting the conditions of ending the war was only lies and deceptions, they deceived us six times, we will not allow them to deceive any more," said the governor in press statement.

The official said that the number of the displaced people by the war was 350,000.

The sixth round of the 6-year old sporadic war erupted in August 2009.

A total of 250,000 displaced people in Sa'ada city and the areas around it, while 100,000 are in Al Mazrak refugee camp in Hajjah governorate, in the far west of Sa'ada close to the border with Saudi Arabia according to governor Mana'a.

The official's statements came after Al Houthi rebels announced for the 4th time they would accept the six conditions set by the government for ending the war which included going down from the mountains and handing over the weapons and not attacking the territories of Saudi Arabia, the northern neighbor.

The government wants the rebels to start implementing the conditions before it stops the military operations, and also wants the rebels to speak in their statements as Yemeni citizens within the framework of the Yemeni State not as an independent group or identity.

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  1. Salam. I am greatfull for your paper. As you are aware, it is difficult to keep focus on a county, who tries so hard to remain isolated from the world. I am saddened , to hear that many more will suffer from this civil war. I do not understand this seprate Islam. I live in the US, and maybe I am slightly ignorant when it comes to Yemen traditon. We are this and you are that, I thought all were muslim ? I mean if your faith is Islam, than that should be the end of it. On judgement day, it is you alone, standing there. You can not make another beleive, in which you beleive. Yet you can live in peace, and practice tolerance. this is how the rest of the world is able to co-exist . You will never progress in society until, you learn this.I am truly angry with the negative impact all of this has had on the Islam faith. I understand your anger.It should be soley aimed at your currupted leaders. They have kept you in the middle ages for way to long.I mean with all the issues you face, water shortages, child labor and education, etc... Maybe you should join together,and demand change for your country.