Saturday, 6 February 2010

Road map for ending Al Houthi armed rebellion

By Nasser Arrabyee/06/02/2010

The Yemeni government has handed over to the Al Houthi rebels a timetable and a mechanism (road map) to implement its six conditions for ending the war.

If Al Houthi agrees on this mechanism, the military operations will stop immediately, said the political advisor of President Ali Abdullah Saleh on press conference held in Sana'a Saturday.

The first step of this mechanism, which was handed to the rebels through mediators, is to open the blocked roads in the whole governorate of Sa'ada particularly in the three main frontlines Harf Sufyan, Al Malahaid, and around Sa'ada city.

Al Irayni said that five committees were formed from the upper and lower chambers of the Parliament (Shura Council and House of Representatives) to supervise the implementation of the six conditions by Al Houthi rebels.

The five committees include Saudi members to participate in supervising the implementation of the sixth condition, which stipulates not to attack the territories of Saudi Arabian and handing over the five Saudi detainees.

One of the five committees will be supervising the implementation of the conditions in Harf Sufyan, south of Sa'ada, the second will be for the areas around Sa'ada city, and the third for Al Malahaid, far west of Sa'ada close to the border of Saudi Arabia, the fourth is called the committee of borders and the fifth is called the committee of handing over the weapons.

This development came after Al Houthi rebels announced five times over two weeks that they would accept all the conditions set by the government for ending the war. The conditions include the rebels going down from the mountains, handing over the weapons and not attacking the territories of Saudi Arabia.

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