Thursday, 25 February 2010

Al Houthi rebels leave the old city of Sa'ada

By Nasser Arrabyee/26/02/2010

All Al Houthi rebels will withdraw today Friday from the houses of the citizens in the old city of Sa'ada while the displaced people will return to their houses, said a mediator Friday.

"We agreed with the representative of Al Houthi rebels that their followers who barricade in some houses of the old city, will all withdraw today Friday," said Ali Abu Hulaika, the chairman of the mediation committee in Sa'ada city.

The people, who left their houses after the war erupted last August, will return to their houses in the old city, said Abu Hulaika.

Abu Hulaika said the time set for implementing the conditions of ending the war is now almost over while his committee did not finish everything they should have done.

"The procrastination of the Al Houthi rebels was behind that delay, but we applied for giving us additional time to finish our task," he said.

Meanwhile, the Yemeni Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Mujawar, said in press statements Thursday , that his government is ready to launch a new round of war if Al Houthi rebels did not fully abide by the six conditions for ending the conflict.

The decree of ending the war came only after the rebels yielded to the six conditions, which were set by the government from the first moment of the war. If the rebels recanted at any point, this decree will be reconsidered , Mujawar said.

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