Friday, 12 February 2010

Al Houthi wants stable cease-fire to go down from mountains

By Nasser Arrabyee/13/02/2010

The Yemen rebels said they would go down from the mountains only after the announced cease-fire got stable.

This came after the Yemeni government accused the rebels of breaking their pledge that they would open the roads, remove the check points and mines, and going down from mountains and barricades, immediately after the announcement of the cease-fire.

After more than 24 hours since the cease-fire was announced, the Al Houthi rebels did not comply with this pledge, did not send their representatives to participate with the field committees to supervise the implementations of the six conditions, they previously accepted, for ending the war, said the government.

"When the cease-fire gets stable, we will open the roads, lift the check points, end the barricades from all areas of fighting," said Al Houthi Saturday in a statement sent through emails.

On Friday, hours after the cease-fire, Al Houthi rebels tried to assassinate the top security official in Sa'ada city, Mohammed Abdullah Al Kawsi. The rebels also killed two soldiers and injured four others at least in the areas around Sa'ada city, despite the cease-fire.

The four field committees, made from different parties in the parliament, in charge of supervising the implementation of the six conditions, arrived Friday in the four areas of fighting: Sa'ada city, Harf Sufyan, Al Malahaid, and the borders with Saudi Arabia. Al Houthi representatives in these committees did not arrive until late Friday.

Before the announcement of the cease-fire, Al Houthi rebels pledged they would open the blocked roads, lift the check points, remove the mines, end the barricades, hand over the kidnapped people from Yemen and Saudi Arabia, let the Yemeni army deploy in the borders with Saudi Arabia, and evacuate the government's buildings and installations.

They pledged, the government said, they would do these things immediately after the announcement of the cease-fire as the first the step, which will be followed by other steps to implement all the six conditions they accepted for ending the war.

The government's six conditions accepted by Al Houthi rebels include the rebels going down from the mountains, handing over the weapons, and not attacking the territories of Saudi Arabia.

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