Friday, 19 February 2010

Two killed, including security official, and two injured in south Yemen

By Nasser Arrabyee/19/02/2010
A senior security officer and a soldier were killed and two others injured when gunmen believed to be secessionists opened fire on a car carrying government officials in Al Dhale'e , south of Yemen local and government sources said late Friday.

The gunmen made an ambush in Al Azarek area killing the Major Ali Al Halimi, director of criminal investigations in Al Dhale'e and the soldier Mohammed Muhsen Jawhar, and injuring Ahmed Hassan Nasher, director of agriculture in Al Dhale'e and the soldier Mohammed Saleh Hamoud, the sources said.

The deputy governor of Al Dhale'e, Lahsoon Saleh Musleh said "separatists, saboteurs and outlaws were behind the cowardly criminal act, and that security forces are hunting them down and will bring them to justice."

Al Dhale'e is one of three southern governorates (Al Dhale'e, Abyan, and Lahj) where disgruntled groups have been calling for separation of the south because of alleged political and social marginalization.

Dozens were killed and injured over the last three years in clashes between these restive groups, who call themselves, the southern peaceful movement, and the security forces who call them outlaws. Many of these groups take to the streets for anti-government demonstrations with their personal arms.

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