Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Saudi-Yemeni committee to supervise ending the rebellion in Sa'ada, sources

By Nasser Arrabyee/03/02/2010

A Yemeni-Saudi joint committee will supervise the implementation of the government's six conditions which Al Houthi rebels accepted for ending the war in Sa'ada, well-informed sources said Wednesday.

The sources said that President Ali Abdullah Saleh assigned 20 members of the parliament to go down to Sa'ada for supervising the implementation of the six conditions which included not attacking territories of Saudi Arabia and going down from the mountains and handing over the weapons.

The Saudi committee will arrive in Sana'a over the coming few days to talk with the Yemeni official about Al Houthi's commitment of the condition of not attacking the Saudi territories, the sources said.

This came after Al Houthi rebels said on Tuesday they would accept the six conditions set by the government for ending the war. However, the government asked them to start implementing the conditions by going down from the mountains and handing over the weapons if they want the military operations to stop.

The war in the ground is still going on, and clashes between the rebels and Saudi forces are continuing until Wednesday.

The army keeps saying it is advancing in all frontlines and that the end of the rebels has become imminent.

At least 17 Al Houthi rebels were killed including field leaders in different places in Sa'ada over the last 24 hours said a military statement Wednesday.

The military statement said that 5 rebels at least were killed when the hideouts of the field leaders Saleh Habra and Abu Hussein in Al Anad and Razeh respectively were destroyed.

At least 10 rebels including the leader Yousef Al Faishi were killed in Haidan in air strikes implemented against the hideout of the Al Faishi.

The field leaders Hassan Al Hakli (Abu badr) and Ahmed Saeed Al Ruzami were killed in special operations which targeted the car of the Al Hakli in Al Jaradat area, and the hideout of Al Ruzami in Dhahyan.

The military statement also said that the prominent filed leader Yousef Al Madani, brother in law of the top leader Abdul Malik, was injured in Al Malahaid and replaced by Abdul Khalek Al Houthi.

On their side, Al Houthi rebels said that the Saudi fighter jets implemented dozens of air strikes on Marran , Dhahyan, Kataber, Bani Muath, and Bani Fadhel, over the last 24 hours.

Those areas are inside the depth of Sa'ada not at the borders with Saudi Arabia. Eyewitnesses from those areas said, the Yemeni fighter jets were bombing those areas over the last few days as the strongholds of the rebels.

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