Thursday, 25 February 2010

Graves of the two dead Saudi soldiers located

By Nasser Arrabyee 25/02/2010

Al Houthi rebels have determined the place where the two missing Saud soldiers were killed and buried, the mediators said Thursday.

"The rebels told us today the place where they buried the two Saudi soldiers who, they said, they were not alive," said Addul Wahab Al Durah member of the mediation committee in Al Malahaid, west of Sa'ada.

Earlier, Al Houthi rebels said they had handed over all the Saudi captured soldiers after Riyadh received three of them. The Saudi army, however, previously said five soldiers went missing in the battles with the rebels.

Al Durah said no single rebel is now positioning in the Saudi-Yemeni borders, but he said efforts of removing mines planted by the rebels are still going on.

The rebels would permanently go down from the remaining mountains and barricades as soon as the local authority starts its work in the areas which were under their control , said member the mediation committee, Al Durah.

For the displaced people, Al Durah said that some displaced people have already returned to their houses and villages and some have not, because their areas are not cleaned from the mines yet.

Some mediators complain that Al Houthi rebels have not handed all the maps of the mines planted in the mountains, roads, farms and houses.

Othman Mujali, member the mediation committee in Sa'ada city, resigned from the committee on Wednesday because he said Al Houthi did not hand over all the maps, which show all planted mines in the areas around Sa'ada city.

"The mines still planted would kill hundreds of people," said Mujali, who is a tribal sheikh from Sa'ada, who is in a tribal feud with Al Houthi rebels.

In an attempt to normalize the situation in the war-torn Sa'ada, the director of education in the province of Sa'ada, Mohammed Al Shamiri, said that more 130,000 students would go to schools starting from Saturday February 27th, 2010.

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