Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Efforts of ending war continue, mediators blame Al Houthi rebels for lagging

By Nasser Arrabyee/18/02/2010

The implementation of the six conditions for ending the war in Sa'ada is continuing despite some breaches by Al Houthi rebels, sources close to mediation committee said Thursday.

The roads were reopened in the three main areas of fighting: around Sa'ada city, Harf Sufyan, Al Malahaid, and life are gradually getting back to normal to these areas.

Efforts of removing mines, barricades and checkpoints are also continuing, but rebels are still having the weapons and are still lagging and loitering over some issues relating to spreading the influence of the State in their areas, said the sources who preferred not to be named.

The government troops have not yet deployed in the areas and positions, which were under the control of the rebels.

The rebels are transferring the heavy weapons to the inner strongholds like Haidan, Maran, Mutrah, and Al Naqa'a instead of handing them to the State, the matter which raises suspicions over their intentions to end the war, the sources said.

Abdul Malik Al Mekhlafi, member of the national committee which supervises the implementation of the government's six conditions for ending the war, said ," We try our best to implement the conditions as soon as possible , but we need patience because we face obstacles, and the task is very difficult."

"So far, the level of implementation is good, after reopening the roads: Sa'ada- Sufyan, Al Makash- Al Talah where people have started to move normally, and farmers are back in their farms after removing the mines."

The member of the committee, Yahya Mukbel, urged the rebels to abide by the deal and implement the six conditions without any delay or selectivity. He said the rebels tried to prevent some displaced people from returning to their houses in Bakem, far north of Sa'ada.

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