Sunday, 22 April 2012

16 terrorists killed in air strikes and shelling 

By Nasser Arrabyee,22/04/2012

A total of 16 terrorists were killed in two different operations in the southern province of Abyan and the eastern province of Mareb, said local and official sources late Sunday.

13 terrorists were killed in artillery shelling on positions of Al Qaeda in the area of Al Kahraba south east of Lawdar, in Abyan province where battles have been going on since earlier this month between troops and loyal tribesmen on one hand and Al Qaeda terrorists on the other. 

At least three terrorists when a fighter jet bombed three cars in the desert area of Al Sandah, Waddi Abeidah of Mareb province. The sources said two cars were completely  destroyed and the third was able to escape. 

The Yemeni government is currently  deploying more troops to safeguard the oil and gas installations in the province of Mareb and Shabwah and Hudhrmout before decisive attacks on the hideouts of terrorists in Jaar, Zinjubar , Abyan ( Abyan), and Azzan and Al Huta in Shabwah, according to military sources. 

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