Friday, 20 April 2012

Fighting against terrorists intensifies south of Yemen .

By Nasser Arrabyee, 20/04/2012 A total of 14 terrorists from Al Qaeda were killed in two airstrikes against two hideouts in Ameen area south of Lawdar in the southern province of Abyan, said military and local sources on Friday. The government and loyal tribesmen battles against Al Qaeda terrorists have intensified over the last two weeks. Troops from 39 armored brigade and 25 mechanized brigade advanced Thursday and Friday to the northern outskirts of Zinjubar, the capital of Abyan, which was declared a Taliban-style Islamic Emirate in June last year. The troops controlled the area of Ba Jedar, where buildings of local government and the abandoned  Palace of jihadist  Tarik Al Fadhli, the sources said Friday.  The fighter jets also bombed groups of terrorists who were based in the colleague of education inside the city of Zinjubar. About 18 of terrorists were killed in the two operations in Zinjubar.  To this regard, a spokesman of the Anti-Al Qaeda popular committees in Lawdar, Ali Ahmed Abdu, estimated those killed from Al Qaeda side over the last two weeks at 300 men. And from the tribesman side, 42 people were killed including 10 children and 4 women and 148 people were injured.  The spokesman also said that four people from Lawdar are still missing.  However, a top leader of Al Qaeda said 11 men from their fighters were killed during all the battles which started on April 9, 2012 in Lawdar.

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