Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Three Philippines hostages in Yemen: Rescue us from death

By Nasser Arrabyee,03/04/2012

Three men from Philippines kidnapped two weeks ago in eastern Yemen appealed Tuesday to the Yemeni and Philippinos governments to rescue their lives from death.

The 40-year old Gonet Alcantara, one of the three hostages, told Nasser Arrabyee Website over phone from somewhere in Mareb where they have been held for two weeks now, “the captors keep telling us, if their demands are not met, they will kill us.”

“So we want the Yemeni government and our government to do every thing to rescue our lives from death,” said Alcantara, the oldest of the three hostages.
“The captors are very serious, and our situation is very bad now.”

Gonet Alcantara, and his colleagues, Roque Soriano,36, and Fredrick Dadives,25, were working with the Sana’a-based company, Yemen Catering International (YCI). The three of them were kidnapped in Mareb two weeks ago while in their way to the far eastern city of Mukalla, the capital of Hudhrmout.

The kidnapper, the tribal leader Ali Hussein Al Zaydi, is demanding the release of two men: his son and another one from the same tribe who are in the prison of the government in Sana’a.

“Our people :Abdul Ghani Ali Hussein Al Zaydi, and Khaled Al Kebsi, were put in prison by the security director of Sana’a (Rezk Al Jawfi) one month ago without any reason,” said Adul Azeez Al Zaydi, a relative of the captor, in an interview with Nasser Arrabyee.

“The three hostages will be released unharmed when our men are released,” he said.
“Putting our men in prison was unfair, if this kidnapping was unfair,” Addul Azeez Al Zaydi added.

The hostages complained from deterioration of their health.
“We have been here for 14 days now without any shower or any change of our clothes,” said Gonet Alcantara.
“The three of us are in one small room, very hot, without electricity, and we cannot go outside at all,” he added.

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