Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Young man kills five terrorists in Lawdar

By Nasser Arrabyee,25/04/2012

At least five terrorists were killed  close to the southern town of Lawdar when a local young  man  stormed a position controlled by Al Qaeda, local sources said on Wednesday.

"Mohammed Meftah, a young man from the anti-Al Qaeda popular committees in Lawdar, was martyred today after he stormed a position nearby Lawdar and killed five terrorists at least," said the sources.

Earlier in the day, 8 terrorists were killed in the Mount of Umm Hydan in Lawdar, where troops and loyal tribsmen , known as anti-Al Qaeda popular committees, are insisting on cleansing the town neighboring places from terrorists.

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  1. That is a very good news indeed. Let the terrorists be gone forever.