Saturday, 21 April 2012

Yemeni former President warns of new crisis from bias against his supporters 


By Nasser Arrabyee,21/04/2012

The  Yemeni former President Ali Abdullah Saleh warned from a new crisis in Yemen if the gulf-brokered deal is implemented with bias against his relatives and his party and its supporters.

" Yemen will witness a new crisis if the GCC Initiative is implemented with selectivity that serves a party against another," Saleh said in a graduation ceremony held in his house in Sanaa Saturday for a group of students who graduated  from Media College.

Saleh said he  willingly renounced  the power and now he is in opposition.
" Now we are in opposition, but there are still exaggerations from all parties, the dialogue should be the essence of the national reconciliation," he said.

He called all good people from all parties to think seriously of building Yemen.

He said there should not be any dialogue with Al Qaeda. " The dialogue with Al Qaeda should be with weapons, because they are terrorists who destroyed Yemen, " he said. 

"They wanted Saleh to be out of power, now he is out of power, a unity government has been formed, early elections were held according to the GCC Initiative, which was signed in Riyadh," he said.

"The Arab Spring was just an imitation of the West, now it's over and the result from it was only destruction and sabotage," he said.

Saleh and his supporters demand the new President to sack the defected general Ali Muhsen so that the army can be reunified under one leadership.

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