Friday, 13 April 2012

Two Al Qaeda leaders arrested, 28 killed

By Nasser Arrabyee,13/04/2012

Two Al Qaeda leaders were arrested after fierce clashes between Al Qaeda and government troops and loyal tribesmen killed 28 of Al Qaeda fighters and 7 of the tribesmen in Zarah area south east of Lawdar, said tribal sources on Friday.

The two leaders arrested were identified by the tribal sources as Abdul Raof Nasaib, from Lawdar, and Jalal Al Saifi, who was working with Abu Ali Al Harithi, Al Qaeda leader who assassinated by a US drone attack in Mareb in 2002.

Air strikes were implemented late after noon Friday on two areas in the neighboring district of Modyah in the southern province of Abyan, local sources from Modyah said Friday.

Two air strikes were implemented on Al Areedh and Surat Al Mashaik, about 20 km east of Modyah town, the sources said without giving any more details about damages or casualties. These two areas were locally known as Al Qaeda hideouts, the sources said.

In a statement attributed to Al Qaeda in Abyan (Ansar Al Shariah), 7 tribesmen were killed today Friday, and 30 of them were killed yesterday in the clashes around Lawdar.

The recently appointed governor of Abyan Jamal Al Akel, visited the military and security and tribal  leaders in Modyah. The official praised victories achieved against Al Qaeda by the troops and tribesmen. Jamal Al Akel said the confrontations must continue to eradicate the terrorists from  whole Abyan.

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