Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Al Qaeda kills nine soldiers, air strikes try to rescue Lawdar 

By Nasser Arrabyee, 10/04/21012

A total of nine soldiers were killed and three others injured when a group of  Al Qaeda terrorists attacked a military check point in the far eastern province of Hudhrmout, security sources said Tuesday.

At the dawn of today Tuesday, the Al Qaeda terrorists surprisingly attacked the check point of Sheeka area, in Al Aber in the easter border of Saudi Arabia killing nine soldiers and injuring three others, destroying an armed vehicle and plundered all medium and small size weapons and escaped away, said the sources. 

The Yemeni air force launched early morning Tuesday a number of air strikes in an attempt to prevent Al Qaeda fighters from entering the town of Lawdar in the province of Abyan. Local sources said that the air strikes were implemented against Al Ayn, Amyn, and Sharyrah areas at the circumference of Lawdar. 

On Monday, Al Qaeda controlled almost all the circumference of the southern town of Lawdar after about 43 operatives, soldiers, and tribesmen were killed in fierce clashes with government troops and loyal tribesmen, said local sources late Monday. 

The battles to control Lawdar are under the leadership of Jalal Bileidi, Emir of Al Qaeda in Zinjubar, and Hussein Al Jadani, Emir of Al Qaeda ( deceivingly calledc Ansar Asharia).

The troops of the brigade 111 returned to its barracks when they did not find any support from the air force, and Al Qaeda fighters advanced to Mount Yasof, east of Lawdar, and Mount Jara west of Lawdar, the sources said. 

Early morning Monday, Al Qaeda attacked Lawdar from three directions but failed to take control  over the town because the troops of brigade 111 and tribesmen, known as anti-Al Qaeda popular committees, drove them away killing more than 18 terrorists. but later in the after noon, Al Qaeda fighters attacked again and forced the troops to with draw from the area of Kahraba at the outskirts of Lawdar killing more than 20 soldiers and more 6 tribesmen, the sources added. 

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