Sunday, 29 April 2012

AQAP military commander, Al Raymi, released 73 soldiers 

By Nasser Arrabyee,29/04/2012

Kasem  Al Raymi, AQAP military commander, and Tarek Al Fadhli, attended the speech ceremony  in which a total of 73  soldiers and 13 other men were released by Al Qaeda without anything releasing of Al Qaeda detainees. 

Some of the detainees' families and journalists, and human rights activists from Hood and Al Karama organizations,  and the cleric Awadh Ba Najjar were in the ceremony. 

The 13 others were local people detained by Al Qaeda in different times for allegedly cooperating with the government and the army.

Kasem Al Raymi, AQAQ military commander, was masked while he was speaking to journalists and right activists.

A masked man came with tens of bodyguards around him, and sat next to the leaders of Ansar Al Ashariah, like Jalal Beleidi, and Tarek Al Fadhli, said journalists who attended the ceremony.  Kasme Al Raymi was the only one masked, said the journalists. 

"The local people of Jaar told us, the masked man was Kasem Al Raymi," said Anis Mansour, one of the journalist who attended.

"We released the detainees today, although our detainees are still languishing in the prisons of the Sanaa government," said a statement distributed to journalists. 

The release came in respect to the mediation intercession  of some clerics who came to us like Shiekh Awadh Ba Najjar, and those who came with him of the journalists and human rights, the statement said. 

" Our battle is with America and the Crusaders, so do not be tools in their hands against Islam and Muslims and, and do not be obstacles in the road of  the establishment of the rule of Allah," said the statement, addressing the released soldiers and the Yemeni army in general. 

" The US ambassador in Sanaa is the real ruler in Yemen, and he interferes even in your salaries and and appointments of your commanders," the statement said.  

" The Sanaa government will never ever care for you, and the issue of 73 detainees is good evidence that it never cares for you, it only implements the orders and wishes of America and its ambassador in Sanaa," said the statement, addressing the army. 

"You are victims for the American policies, it's Zionism- Crusade policy, so do not lose your religion and your lives for very few in return " said the statement.  

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