Monday, 23 April 2012

Al Qaeda may release the Saudi and Swiss hostages April 24, tribal mediator says


Al Qaeda finances its operations from ransoms 

By Nasser Arrabyee,23/04/2012

Al Qaeda may release the Saudi diplomat and the Swiss woman teacher tomorrow Tuesday April 24, said a tribal leader involved the mediation.
"It's a matter of time, we almost agreed on everything to have the Saudi and Swiss hostages released," said the tribal leader who preferred not to be named now because negations are still going on.

The kidnappers want ransom for the Swiss woman and ransom and money for the Saudi diplomat.

For the Swiss woman, we told the kidnappers (Al Qaeda) reduce the amount a little bit. " I suggested a reasonable amount of money and sent them SMS and they relied that they will call me tomorrow," the tribal mediator said.

" I met the Swiss hostage, and  I have a video clip for her talking in mobile, she is fine," He said.

For the Saudi diplomat, the kidnappers want nine women to be released from the Saudi prisons and they want tribal leaders from Yemen and Saudi Arabia to guarantee their release. And they want money also. 

"We are now negotiating only about the money they want as a ransom, the amount want is still very high, but there initial agreement to make amount reasonable by tomorrow as they told me," the tribal mediator said. 

Apparently, Al Qaeda in Yemen seems to be financing its operations from the kidnappings and the ransoms it asks for.  Al Qaeda now is holding at least four high profile hostages. The Swiss woman who was kidnapped in the middle of March from the western province of Hodeidah, and Saudi diplomat who was kidnaped from southern coastal city of Aden late last March, and the French ICRC worker who kidnapped earlier this week from the western province of Hodeidah. And last Al Qaeda kidnapped high ranking officer from Al Baidha province in he south east of the country.  

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