Saturday, 21 April 2012

Jehadist Tarik Al Fadhli receives death threat for fighting with Al Qaeda

By Nasser Arrabyee,21/04/2012

A senior Jehadist said he received death threats after statements to media that he and his sons are fighting with Al Qaeda.

Tarek Al Fadhli said he received the death threat in SMS to his mobile from unknown person calling himself " chief of intelligence center of Yemen".  The number he received is 734 469 720, as he said late Saturday, April 21,2012.

A copy of the SMS  was re-sent to Nasser Arrabyee website, from Tarik Al Fadhli. The SMS was addressed to Salem Qatan, the newly appointed commander of the southern military region.
The SMS said Al Qaeda wants to destroy our country, what should we do to face these enemies. The leadership should implement military operations as soon as possible.
European have to help us military technology. The full name of name of Tarik Al Fadhli was not mentioned. It was mentioned only as Tarik.

Tarik must stop killing people in Lawdar, which is my heart.
In short period, army will attack Zinjubar, Jaar and Azzan quickly willing God.
Terrorists are going to escape and Tarik will die then all problems will be finished.. 
Sender is chief of intelligence center of Yemen.

The SMS was sent in English (broken) and the full text was as follows as sent:

Dear officer SALM_QATAN  .
How are you?
Where are you now?
Al_qaedah regulation wants to destroy our country.
What is our task to face these enemies .
The head quarter has to excute military operation on thier zones as soon as they can.
Europeans have to help us in military technology controling to closing and shooting all fire zones.
Tariq must stop to kill people in LAWDER which is my heart.
In short period army will attack Zangabar , Gaar and Azzan quickly willing GOD.
Teriorisms are going to escape and Tariq will be die then all proplems are finished...
Sender is cheif of intelligence center of YEMEN.

Two days ago, Tarek Al Fadhli, a Jihadist senior leader who was close to  Osama  Bin Laden before he returned to Yemen early 1990s, said for the first time that he and all his sons are fighting with Al Qaeda.

" When my sons saw what happened to me and to house in Zinjubar, they joined Ansar Al Shariah and now they are fighting with them and  I am proud of them,"  Al Fadhli told the journalist Anis Mansour this week.

 He mentioned Mohammed and Jalal Al Deen of his sons who have been in the battles in Zinjubar and Lawdar.

Al Fadhli is based now in Shukrah, about 50 km east of Zinjubar, after his luxurious palace was destroyed in Zinjubar after Al Qaeda took control over the city last May. 

With his four wives and dozens of children Al Fadhli now, believes that Shukrah is far from the government troops which are based at the outskirts of Zinjubar, about 60 km away. 

The defected general Ali Muhsen is married to the sister of Al Fadhli.

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