Monday, 16 April 2012

Al Qaeda threatens with 10 suicide bombers, and tribesmen determined to be or not to be

By Nasser Arrabyee,16/04/2012

Propaganda war with Al Qaeda in Lawdar

Al Qaeda vowed to implement 10 suicide bombings over the  few coming days in the  southern province of Abyan, where fierce battles have been going on two weeks now between Al Qaeda and local tribesmen supportedvby the government troops, said local sources Monday.

In the area of Al Ain, close to Lawdar, in Abyan province, Al Qaeda performed the prayer of  dead for 10 live young people, in a clear message that these 10 people have decided to kill themselves in suicide operations " Marytrdom" operations against the troops and tribesmen of the so-called anti-Al Qaeda popular committees, said the sources who saw the sermons of the prayer.

The dead prayer usually takes place when someone is dead, but today it took place while the 10 young people are still alive but Al Qaeda claimed they had decided to be "Martyrs", and they asked for this prayer because their bodies are likely not to be found for prayers and burials.

Meanwhile, and in a signal of defiance, the anti-Al Qaeda popular committees have started to distribute shrouds to their fighters , in a signal that they are ready to die for their villages and lands and they will never ever let the terrorists to occupy their villages.

" If Al Qaeda has 10 suicide bombers, for us, all our fighters are ready now to die for the sake of our properties and honors, and this is why everybody of us now has his own shroud as a part of the war stuff," said Hussein, O, a leader of the anti-Al Qaeda popular committees.

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