Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Al Qaeda beheads a woman and hangs the head to warn another possible victim

By Nasser Arrabyee,11/04/2012

Al Qaeda beheaded a woman for not being a good Muslim in the south eastern town of Rada'a, said local sources on Wednesday.

Al Qaeda fighters stormed the house of Mrs AlSharifa Amer, in Bani Zeyad, Rada'a, and slaughtered her and took the head and hang it in front of the house  of Mohammed Mohammed Al Awbali.  Mrs Amer is locally known as a popular doctor who treats sick people by herbs . 

The sources said that Al Qaeda considered the woman as an enemy of Allah  for being a  "trickster".

The sources added that the head of the woman then was taken by the government troops deployed in the area and put it in the refrigerator of the hospital of Rada'a.

The head of woman was hanged in the front of the house Al Awbali as a clear message that he is the next one. Mohammed Al Awbali is a very famous popular doctor by herbs in Yemen and general and Rada'a in particular.

The house of Awbali was shelled last January when Al Qaeda (deceivingly call themselves Ansar Al Sharia meaning supporters of Sharia), took control over Rada'a city under the leadership of the slain leader Tarik Al Dhahab.

Meanwhile, one the top leader of the anti-AlQaeda popular committees, Mohammed Jebel Shiekh, and of his body guards were killed morning Wednesday the on going fierce battles of Lawdar in the southern province of Abyan. 

About 140 people from troops of 111 brigade, and anti-AlQaeda  popular committees, and Al Qaeda fighters were killed over the last two days in the battles around the town of Lawdar.

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