Thursday, 19 April 2012

Al Qaeda top leader: Nothing changed in Yemen, and we fight for the rule of God

By Nasser Arrabyee,19/04/2012

A top leader of Al Qaeda said Thursday they would continue fighting to restore "their" revolution that was hijacked by the political parties.

"The situation in Yemen has not changed, it is still as it was,...the parties hijacked the revolution of the Muslim people against the tyrant," said Fahd Al Qusu, one of the top leaders of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular AQAP).

The new President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi is still a doll and the same troops  are still killing Mujahideen, he said. 

"So, for us, we will not stop Jihad, until Islamic Shariah becomes the ruler," said Al Qusu in an interview conducted with by the Aden-based journalist Anis Mansour, who sent some quotes to 'Nasser Arrabyee' website.

Al Qusu, who is wanted for the CIA for involving in the USS Cole bombing in 2000 in Aden harbor, said that the tribesmen who are fighting them now in Lawdar are only "mercenaries". 

" It is the mercenaries of the Lawdar committees who started the war against our Mujahideen," Said Al Qusu in an obvious reference to the Anti-Al Qaeda popular committees in Lawdar, where fierce battles have been going on for about one month now. 

The Al Qaeda senior leader denied the reports about hundreds of Al Qaeda fighters were killed during the ongoing war in Lawdar over the few last weeks.

"Only 11 Mujahideen won the martyrdom, some of them are from Mujahideen of Lawdar," he said. 

Meanwhile, Tarek Al Fadhli, a Jihadist senior leader who was close to  Osama  Bin Laden before he returned to Yemen early 1990s, said for the first time that he and all his sons are fighting with Al Qaeda.

" When my sons saw what happened to me and to house in Zinjubar, they joined Ansar Al Shariah and now they are fighting with them and  I am proud of them,"  Al Fadhli told the journalist Anis Mansour this week.

 He mentioned Mohammed and Jalal Al Deen of his sons who have been in the battles in Zinjubar and Lawdar.

Al Fadhli is based now in Shukrah, about 50 km east of Zinjubar, after his luxurious palace was destroyed in Zinjubar after Al Qaeda took control over the city last May. 

With his four wives and dozens of children Al Fadhli now, believes that Shukrah is far from the government troops which are based at the outskirts of Zinjubar, about 60 km away. 

The defected general Ali Muhsen is married to the sister of Al Fadhli.

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